Q: Any impact on Environment ?

A: NO. There is no discharge that can polluted environment.

Q: Any odor problem ?

A: NO. Now Feed Industry is very organized and raw fish/dried fish and other sub-standard raw materials are not being used. Therefore, no odor except the smell of the specific raw materials

Q: Any health hazard ?

A: NO. If the working environment is healthy, there is no hazard.

Q: Availability of Raw Materials ?

A: 100% Raw materials are available in the country. However, 75% is imported and 25% is local.

Q: Raw Materials collection ?

A: You can import directly or you can buy from vendors in the country. However, while buying from vendors, there is credit facility for 15 days to 30 days

Q: What is the present Sales procedure ?

A: Mainly through Dealer.

Q: Cash or Credit Sales ?

A: Usually Dealer’s are signed contract for a certain target and credit limit is fixed based on company’s policy on Dealer’s Security.

Q: What will be the land size ?

A: Feedmill industry is a tailor-made project. Land for the machinery is very small, because it goes vertically. In addition to main machinery you need warehouses and other infrastructures for utility, storage, maintenance, accommodation, internal road, truck movement, etc. Again, after all construction, you need some free space. The rule of thumb says, free area should be about 3 times of construction area.

Q: Is there is Risk Factor ?

A: YES, if there is Management Problem or Quality Problem or Week Marketing. GMP-Good Manufacturing Practice is very important for success. Without that and some other aspect like customer service, quality, etc. may cause total risk.

Q: Success & Failure History ?

A: Most of the good companies have success story, while many companies have failure stories. In most cases, less quality or quality variation, less customer care, wrong dealer selection and general management are the cause of failure.