Chicks & Feeds Limited

Before incorporation the company we thought we will do the business which is related with Chicken and Feed. That is why we choose the name Chicks & Feeds Ltd. Logo is most important for any organization and we thought our logo with our most favorite countries color and similar to it’s national flag.

From the beginning we thought to import most modern technology and assist local entrepreneurs to set up modern Agro-Industry. Our aim was to find the best technology with reasonable cost and which is dependable, use-friendly and efficient. Therefore, we expend lot of time to find our global partners of each kind of our products. We are happy that all our global partners are always think about our customer and help them in all possible way.

Business is not moneymaking machine and more you run the machine and earn more money. We truly believe that business is a social responsibility. It creates job opportunity for others, put some effect in GDP. That is a business can be a part of national development. We consider all of the peoples working in the company as a Team and always think about our team members present and future. Thus TEAM CFL is a Business Team of sincerity, honesty and happiness.

Chicks & Feeds is became a trustworthy brand in Bangladesh and expanding in the neighboring counties step by step. We are a project management company and deal a project from it’s initial planning to operation management. We always try to open the eyes of our customers so that they would not be in dark. Before they invest, we want them to know everything clearly. Accordingly we provide them all information including hidden issues so that they are ready to face the challenges they may face in the future.

We are a complete team of professionals and capable to assist you with the following services:

  1. Project planning
  2. Investment analysis
  3. Market survey and report
  4. Market research on any specific product
  5. Project design, supply, installation, commissioning
  6. Operation management