MSW Management & Biogas plant

Global warming and environmental change leading our world towards a difficult situation. Civilization and development is closely connected with so many health hazard from CO2, CH4, Pathogen and many others. It is known to everybody but nothing to do if need to develop more and be a global slogan and peoples are trying to explore more energy from renewable sources such as biogas, solar, wind, wave etc.

In 2012 we have successfully handed over two biogas project to paragon agro which were based in poultry litter.

Project - 1 is in chamiadi , Valuka, Maymonsingh the CSTR digester volume is 1350m3.

Project – 2 is in Member bari, Gazipur having capacity 2700m3 both plants are supporting their total lighting program of their breeder farm and other utilities. In addition to power their also get huge quantity hot water from their CHP unit and without any extra energy from workers enjoy hot water from their shower.

The bio-slurry is important byproduct of biogas. Paragon agro have their tea garden and fruit & vegetable plantation they uses all the slurry in their garden and fruit & vegetable field as fertilizer.

This two biogas projects are the only biogas project in Bangladesh with most modern technology and digesters are made of CSTR. After handing over in 2012 both plants are running nicely. It is the successful story of biogas in Bangladesh, where Paragon and Chicks & Feeds worked together aiming at green energy.