Golden Poultry & Fish Feeds Ltd.

I am involved in feed business from 2014. I do not have a feedmill, I make feed from other feedmill on rental basis. There are too many problems if I do not have a feedmill my own. Quality, commitment etc. is very difficult to control. Then I decided to setup a feedmill and was searching the best source of feedmill. Good quality machine with limited budget was my target. I visit many feedmill supplied by Muyang, Awila, SPK, ChiaTung, FCM, etc. Normally we know any machine cannot perform more than 80% - 85%. This is true I found all of the machine production about 70% - 80%. I have visited RRP feedmill in Iswardi and Bangla Feedmill in Rajshahi and surprised to see the performance is over 125% - 130%. This is almost impossible but I have seen this and decided to buy FCM. 
Last month I visit FCM and very happy to see my goods are ready for shipment. I hope, I will get 135% production, Inshallah. 

S.M Asadujjaman Liton 
Managing Director