Recently Nourish- the leading poultry and feedmill company in Bangladesh finalized a new project with Chicks & Feeds and it's partner company ASTINO, Malaysia. Sagardiighi-3 is their new project in Tangail. The scope of supply in Sagardighi-3 is as follows:
- 7 x Two Storied House with most modern design using PU panel on the roof
- 14 fully automated farm equipment including tunnel ventilation, drinking, feeding with silo and feed carrying truck.

Mr. Nazmul Ahsan Khaled, the Managing Director and Ekhlasul Haque finalized the project. Mr. Edvent Chin, Mr. Vincent Khor and Engr. Anwar Parvez frpm ASTINO also present in the finalizing process.

It may be mentioned here that after successful completion of Sagardighi-2 project and comperison with other suppliers, Nourish decided to go for Chicks & Feeds and ASTINO for this project. Once the order was finalized, the technical team of NOURISH had a meeting with ASTINO and share various aspects related to breeder farm and management.