I would like to share a dream with all of you. Dream is a very important issue in human life. You can find the reality, because there was a dream. No dream means no life. 

If we look back to our childhood, many of us can see there was a Power Station in all the city or municipality or township. It was know as “Power House”. That power house used to supply electricity in that area. When National Grid introduced, all power houses shut down. It may be a surprising information to the young people who are familier with National Grid. There is no Power House, but, we can find the name “Power House Road” in may countries around the world. When we think about this, it take us back to that time and we become nostalgic! 

Can we dream again to set up a Power House in all the city or township? 
Yes, I do mean it. 
That time it was running with diesel and now will run with Biogas. 
or, a vehicle filling station? 
From Biomethane. 
And, a Green Practice Institute? 
It is very important to setup a Green Practice Institite to let people learn about green thinking, green living, waste management, saving fossil fuel, protect environment from emission, keep environmental balance for generation, etc. 
If, we can dream this today, I am sure, tomorrow we can make it true. 
Together is always stronger. 
Let’s move together and turn this dream as truth! 
Thank you very much.