Business is not money making machine that you will paddle and get money; rather, business is a responsibility. In business all you need to be transparent in all respect and keep your commitment. We have crossed over decade with this business with many learning. We have many success stories and few failure also as well. The learning from our failure made us more strong and confident in our activities and workmanship. 

Our 15 years journey was not very easy. We overcome 100’s of difficulties in our journey. However all difficulties left us learning to overcome even more difficulties in future. Chicks & Feeds family is expanding bigger with the accumulation of new partners. Thanks to all of my colleagues who extend their hands in order to build this family. Team-CFL is a group of highly skilled technical expertise, economic analytics, friendly customer care and consultation officials. Chicks & Feeds become a BRAND in our total agro-industrial industry. 

The global technology companies are working with us as our partners and we are developing together. FCM, Meyn, Astino and Ishii – all these globally accepted companies are working together with us. In addition, we also work with few other global partners on case to case basis in our turnkey operation. 

We are operating our business with a strong ethical binding. Therefore, we do our business with limited customers. However, we are very happy that most of our customers are very happy with us and continue business years after years with repeat orders. 

Chicks & Feeds Limited is a project management company. We will be happy to undertake your project from your planning to operation management. We believe in working together, because, together is always stronger.