Abir Poultry & Hatchery Ltd.

4-5 TPH Breeder feed plant

Prefabricated house and equipment for breeder house

Afil Agro Ltd.

2-2.5 TPH Floating fish feed plant-2008

3-4 TPH Breeder feed plant-2008

AG Agro Industries Ltd.

We provide two breeder house of 8000 bird per house of ASTINO Group. ASTINO AGRO–HOUSE MULTI SYSTEM (AHMS) is an advanced economical and environmental friendly solution to the construction of various types of poultry house in the modern poultry industry.

Website : www.astino.com.my

Bangla Feed Mill Ltd.

It is situated at Rajshahi.5-7 TPH capacity of feedmill of FCM brand.

Bay Agro Industries Ltd.

1,384,400 Eggs capacity hatchery- 2005

6×(400?×40?) Breeder farm equipment

CSD, Bangladesh Army

Poultry prossecing plant

1300 Birds per hour- (3 unit),2012

Ishwardi Unit-1, Keranigonj Unit-2

One cattle slaughtering house 50-60 cattle per shift,established-2013

EON Group

Poultry Equipment

Gram Bangla Poultry & Fish Feed Ltd.

5-7 TPH Poultry & Sinking fish feedmil plant,Kashimpur, Konabari, Gazipur

Golden Poultry & Fish Feeds Ltd.

3-5 TPH poultry & fish feedmill, Nator

Index Agro Industries Ltd.

Unit- 1: 5-7 TPH poultry & fish feedmill plant,2005

Unit- 2: 3-5 TPH poultry & fish feedmill plant, 2011

Valuka,  Maymanshingh

Jayson Breeders Ltd.

280?×40? Double storied  building farm, 6 houses

Keari Poultry & Hatchery Ltd.

1,15,200 Eggs hatchery  form Incubetor system

5-6 TPH Mash feedmill plant ( FCM, China)

Double storied  breeder farm (Malashya)

Kazi Farms Group

SASSO (P.S) coloured birds from France

Kulsum Feed

Unit- 1:  3-5 TPH poultry & fish feed plant, 2014.

Unit- 2:  2018; (Under construction), 10-15 TPH poultry & Sinking fish feed plant

4-5 TPH floating fish feed plant

Nahar Agro Group

Unit-1: 25-30 TPH  Poultry feedmill plant-2015

Unit-2: 8-10 TPH Layer feedmill plant-2017

Unit-3: 10-12 TPH Floating fish feedmill plant-2017

National Group

Unit-1: 5-6 Poultry feedmill plant-2004

Unit-2: 5-7 TPH Sinking fish & shrimp feedmill plant -2007

Nourish Poultry & Hatchery Ltd.

Incubation system: Setter-1,15,200×3 & Hatcher-19,200×3, Sripur, Gazipur.

Feedmill; Unit-1: 20TPH poultry feedmill plant, 2007

                   Unit-2: 25-30TPH Double line feedmill plant,Bogra

                   Unit-3: 10-15 TPH breeder feedmill plant, Sreepur Gazipur-Under construction

                   Unit-4: 10 TPH feedmill plant, Under construction, 2018, Trishal, Maymanshingh

Paragon Agro Ltd.

Breeder farm house with environment control

Layer farm house with environment control

Broiler farm house with environment control

Perfect Agro Complex Ltd.

5-7 TPH Poultry & Sinking fish feedmill plant-2013,Vitec Morzal, Narsingdi

Pocha Feed Ltd.

5-7 TPH poultry & Sinking fish feedmill plant,-2009, Kuliarchar, Kishorgonj.

Prime Agro Industries Ltd.

5-7 TPH Poultry & Sinking fish feedmill plant , Kahalu, Bogra.

Provita Feed Ltd.

Unit-1: 5-7 TPH Mash & Layer feed -2013,Baroawlia.

Unit-2 & 3: 5-7 TPH Breeder feed-2014, Shonapur

Raj Quality Feed Mill Ltd.

4-5 TPH Poultry & Sinking fish feedmill plant-2010, Trishal, Maymanshingh

Rashid Krishi Khamar Ltd.

3 unit  Poultry equipment for 400?×40? feedmill Double storied building


RRP Feed Mill

Unit-1: 5-7 TPH Poultry feedmill plant-2013

Unit-2: 5-7 TPH Poultry feedmill plant-2016

Unit-3: 4-6 TPH Floating fish feedmill plant -2017; Ishawrdi, Pabna

Unit-4: 10-15 TPH Poultry & Sinking fish feedmill plant-2017; Ishawrdi, Pabna

Breeder farm: 410?×45? Breeder House with all equipment

Satkhira Feed Industries Ltd.

5-7 TPH Sinking & Shrimp feedmill plant-2010, Labsha, Shatkhira.

Shah Amla Feed Mill

10-15 TPH Poultry & Shrimp feedmill plant,Anlabo Belabo, Norshingdi.

Shughandha Feedmill Ltd.(Under construction)

Unit-1: 7-8 TPH Floating fish feedmill.

Unit-2: 4-5 TPH Shrimp feedmill, with fully double

Unit-3: 10-15 TPH Poultry feedmill plant & 10-15 TPH layer feedmill plant, Nalcity Jhalokathi; etc.