FCM is a dependable manufacturer & supplier of Feed Mill Plant & Machineries for over 18 years. Their machinery exists in over 40 countries in 5 continents. During the last 18 years, FCM has been upgrading their technology on a continuous basis through their R&D, has achieved many National and International Quality Certifications including Best Brand, CE, ISO 9001:2000 etc in recognition to their GMP and Product Quality. Nowadays FCM is becoming a Top Favorite name in the global feed industry.
They always keep the following aspects in their consideration:
• Performance of the machine
• User Friendly operation
• Easy maintenance
• Maximum production yield, and
• Simple & quality engineering

FCM has been following the rule of “Your satisfaction is FCM’s permanent pursuit”. As a result, it is found that at the end of the day customers can get comparatively more production from FCM machines compared to others; thus customer satisfaction is ensured.

FCM is specialized in Feed Mill Technology. Their Pellet Mill, Hammer Mill, Pulverizer, Mixer, Extruder, Drier, Cooler are found to be the most efficient machines especially after the year 2010. All their new generation models are energy saving and production efficient. Their machines produce 20%-30% more compared to any other company.

FCM machines are Robust, User-friendly, and Dependable.
Website: www.fcm-cn.com/en/

• ASTINO AGRO–HOUSE MULTI SYSTEM (AHMS) is an advanced economical and environmental friendly solution to the construction of various types of poultry house in the modern poultry industry. This state-of-the-art system is designed and manufactured by our experienced professional personnel with strong emphasis on high product quality and reliability, cost effectiveness, easy maintenance and safe sanitary conditions.

• AHMS is best suited for poultry production such as pullet house, broiler house, breeder house and layer house. With the increasing competition faced by growers, it is essential to increase the utilization of other systems such as ventilation and temperature control system, feeding and watering system as well as lower the mortality rate to generate a higher return on investment.

• AHMS steel structure is designed using CAD-software to construct clear span light gauge steel structure system to eliminate the need for interior column support for a wider poultry house. In addition, the steel frame is designed to withstand the weight load of other systems such as watering and feeding systems.

• Light weight steel frame is a good alternative to timber and mild steel frame. With the combination of high tensile strength and light weight it offers excellent clear span capability and allows building owner to design large clear span space.

• The steel frame is fabricated off-site using cold roll-forming process made in accordance to the designed specification, and thus minimizing wastage and eliminating unnecessary cutting and welding at site. The on-site work mainly focuses on assembling only.
Website: www.sasso.fr

Meyn is the reliable and committed partner of renowned poultry processing companies in over 90 countries worldwide for more than 45 years with people that have the right professional skills to offer you both the flexibility and innovation. They have been working with relentless drive to help you to improve your performance by offering intelligent & situation-specific solutions, and with all the knowledge, equipment, system and services that are critical for your success.
In Bangladesh Meyn has almost 75% share in the market.
Meyn offers the following services to:
• Arrival, Slaughtering & De-feathering System
• Evisceration System
• Giblet Harvesting
• Cooling / Chilling System
• Cut line System
• Deboning & Filleting System
• Quality Grading System
• Weighing System
• Grading, Sizing & Batching System
• Packing & Labeling System
Website: www.meyn.com

V-Cons Group designs and produces superior slaughter lines for cattle, pigs and sheep. Every link in the chain is adapted to suit your requirements and meet the specific constraints of your operations. From state-of-the-art equipment for livestock pens to sophisticated expedition- V-Cons Group is your guarantee of intelligent, comprehensive and cost-effective solutions, across the line.
• Continuous innovation: The world is constantly evolving and so is the way we slaughter animals. That is why their engineers work tirelessly every day to develop new methods and new solutions to help your business evolve successfully, well into the future.
• 50 years of experience: The have been developing and producing slaughter lines for over 50 years. Their extensive experience and proven expertise mean they know exactly what their customers expect of them. And to exceed those expectations, a dedicated team of experts is at your disposal around the clock, offering concrete solutions to meet your every need.
• Everything for the customer: In order to serve you, even better, their company is organized into three subdivisions: ‘Development’, ‘Engineering’ and ‘Service’, to help them help you with specialized advice, tailored solutions and fast & efficient service.
• Aiming for perfection: Their customers are just as ambitious and driven as they are. And they all constantly strive to achieve greater efficiency and performance. At V-Cons Group, only perfection is good enough. This can be seen by viewing their references.
• Worldwide presence: V-Cons Group is based in Belgium, at the heart of Europe. Their customers, however, can be found all over the world from Southeast Asia to Japan.
Website: www.vcons.be

Sasso is a company, based in France, fully dedicated to colour breeder genetic. Sasso portfolio offers a large range of parent stock. They provide various dominant phenotypes of males and recessive females able to fit different markets such as free range, organic, but also more rapid differentiated growth.
Sasso produces different recessive females (in order to adjust the convenient growth rate on progeny) and a large quantity of dominant colourful male lines. Sasso Customers can combine such parent stocks to get specific body weight, colour of skin, feather colour, naked neck or full feathered birds.
With over 35 years of experience in such selection, Sasso aim is to maintain tradition in a special link and adaptation to up to date technology in a friendly environmental way.
Sasso, with its know-how, is able to offer any made to measure selection at any place in the world.
Website: www.sasso.fr

Ishii Poultry, Japan

Single-stage, Multi-stage Incubators & Hatchery Automation.

Ishii group has built sales networks in Japan, China, Southeast Asia, and East Europe, and controls 90% of the market share in Japan, 50% in China and 60% in Taipei. All the employees in the company promises to always  stay  true to from and make a concerted effort  to provide all the customers with first-class incubator products and excellent after-service customer support and care.

 In addition to setter or hatcher machine Ishii Poultry also make machineries of hatchery  automation such as :

  • Transferring Robotic System
  • Egg Unload Robotic System
  • Candling and Transferring Machine
  • Automatic Chick and Egg Shell Separator
  • Pneumatic conveying system
  • Chick Counter
  • Hatcher Basket stack Robotic System
  • Chick Box stack Robotic System
  • Hatcher Basket Washer

Website : www.pearl-22.com