Chicks & Feeds incorporated in 2002, but started business from early 2001 in a small office in Panthapath. During initial 2-3 years, we trial with several companies representation such as IP, Japan, HeemHorst, Netherlands, Crowley Engineering, Irelands and VDL, Netherlands. During that time we learned many things about market, our global partners, their cooperation, etc. Finally we realized that we need our global partner, who will trustworthy, honest, friendly and extend cooperation towards development of our industry together with us.

FCM found us and requested us if we can work together. It may be mentioned that during 2001-2003, we signed up with many projects such as Sonar Bangla Feed Mill, Sumaiya Feed Mill, Star Feed Mills, etc. and designed their plant. Finally we lost all of those project because of our sincerety and honesty. Mr. Robert Camero of HeemHorst sincerely told us to accept the request of FCM and promote their feedmill instead of HeemHorst, as Bangladesh was not ready yet for big feedmill plant.

Installed the first feedmill “Surjavita Agro Complex Ltd.” In Valuka. It is a 3.0 tph plant and still running with 135% production performance.

We have successfully installed six breeder equipment and six hatchery in Bay Agro Industries Ltd. from VDL, The Netherlands. We also started working with Natureform Hatchery System at the same time. Bay Agro was our first customer for both VDL and Natureform. We continue with these two companies for quite a long time but finally we found their customer care is not satisfactory, therefore, we consider to close the cooperation as without their support it will be hard to support our customer in the service and maintenance.

First 5 tph feedmill plant in National Feed Mills Ltd. In addition, we introduced with Meyn Food Processing BV through Mr. Alok Raj who recommend Chicks & Feeds as a potential cooperation for Meyn.

1. Index Agro Industies Ltd. 5-7 Tph feedmill

2. Raj Quality Feedmill Ltd. 5 tph feedmill plant

3. Nourish Poultry & Hatchery Ltd., 20 tph plant. We have a technical audit in 2016 and it is found that the plant is running 24 hours perfectly and giving 20 tph.

4. Breeder Farms equipment and hatchery in Nourish

1. National feed, repeat order, with another Fish Feed plant, capacity 5-7 tph

2. Installed 5-7 tph feedmill plant at Pocha Feed

3. Installed hatchery in Keari Poultry Hatchery & Process Ltd.

1. Index Agro, repeat order with automation and pellet line

2. 3 Poultry layer feed plant in Provita Feed Mill Ltd.

3. Satkhira Feed Industries Ltd. 5-7 tph feedmill plant

1. Installed first Floating Fish Feed plant in Afil Agro Ltd. The plant is still running with 120% performance.

2. Pellet line installation in Afil Agro with FCM and locally engineered item,

FCM - New generation pelletmill with many feedmill in Bangladesh. All these feedmill are highly efficient, low energy cost and dependable. Mr. Nazmul Ahsan Khaled, Managing Director of Nourish said, FCM machine is robust & dependable. All these new generation plants are also with highest level of engineering ensuring more production, user-friendly operation and less maintenance. There are many feedmill we have installed and few renowned plants are Gram Bangla, Prime Agro Industries, Perfect Agro, etc.

During this year we have many things that became a history. We also handed over 3 poultry processing plants in CSD, Bangladesh Army in cooperation with Meyn Food Processing Technology B.V. We were working with Meyn from 2005 and there was no sales.Fainally we break through with 3 plants at the same time.This was also a history of Meyn.

Besides, we have supplied Breeder house and equipment in different companies like Paragon Agro, AG Agro, etc from Astino.

We also started working for Biogas during this time. And we have installed 2 large size most morden anaerobic biogas plant with CSTR digester, the first ever in Bangladesh.

This year also very painful for us which made the year a real history in our life. Two of our team members were bullet injured while they were coming  out from a bank with cash withdrawn. They were  in cross fire of 8-10 robbers and injured seriously. By the grace of almighty Allah they survived and still with our team.

We started our activities as Project management company and offer total agro-industrial solution with our expertise service and customer care. Instead of simply selling machineries, we started our activities in planning, investment analysis, consultation service and operation management. Chicks & Feeds became a Brand Name in the poultry industries in Bangladesh.

1. Installed Kulsum Feed, the smallest new generation machines with 3 tph capacity and giving 4-5 tph actual production 24 hours a day.

2. Installed Cattle Abbatoir in CSD, Bangladesh Army

3. ASTINO is getting repeated orders in Paragon.

1. Installed the 1st machine for RRP Agro farms in Iswardi, one of the fastest growing companies in Bangladesh.

2. Installation of Breeder House and equipment for many farms.

3. Installed big layer farms, known as Egg Industry.

1. Handed over the 1st Green Feedmill in Bangladesh in Nourish, Bogra, Capacity 20-25 tph based on 2.5mm diameter.

2. Installed Bangla Feed plant in Rajshahi, a project of SEAF Bangladesh

3. Handed over RRP Unit 2, automated feedmill plant in modular design.

1. Nahar Agro Group- Turnkey Feedmill Plant, capacity 20-25 tph based on 2.5mm diameter and maximum production capacity is 40 tph.

2. Nahar Agro Group: Turnkey Silo Plant, capacity 13500 tons

3. Agro Multipurpose Feed Mill Ltd.- Turnkey Feedmill Plant, capacity 4-5 tph Floating Fish feed and 15-20 tph sinking fish feed based on 3.0-4.5 mm.

4. Golden Feed Mill Ltd. – 4-5 tph Feedmill Plant

5. SKPF Feedmill – 10-15 tph based on 2.5 to 3.0mm, max. production 20 tph

6. Breeder Farms for Nourish, Paragon, Abir Poultry and EON Group

1. Nahar Agro Group: Turnkey Layer Feedmill Plant, capacity 5 tph

2. Nahar Agro Group: Turnkey Floating Fish Feedmill Plant, capacity 10 tph (2lines)

3. RRP: Unit-3 Turnkey Sinking Fish feedmill Plant, capacity 10 tph
4. RRP: Unit-4 Turnkey Floating Fish Feedmill Plant, capacity 5 tph

5. RRP: Unit-5 Turnkey Layer Feedmill Plant, capacity 5 tph

6. Shugondha Feedmill: Turnkey Floating Fish & Shripm Feedmill Plant, capacity 20 tph

7. Shugondha Feedmill: Turnkey Broiler & Layer Feedmill Plant, capacity 20 tph

8.  Shugondha Feedmill: Turnkey Silo plant, capacity 10000 tons

9. Breeder farm house and equipment for RRP, EON, Paragon, Nourish, Most important is we have successfully handed over 3 double storied breeder house to Nourish and got another order of 7 double storied house with 100% automated equipment including egg collection which us under construction.

Upcoming Projects:
1. Nourish: 2 new feedmill in Mawna, Gazipur and Trishal, Mymensingh

2. Fancy Agro farms Ltd.- Turnkey Feedmill Plant, capacity 4-5 tph Floating Fish feed and 6-10 tph sinking fish feed based on 3.0-4.5mm.

3. Fancy Agro farms Ltd- Cattle Feed Plant with molasses mixer in Sirajgonj

4. N R Poultry & Fish Feedmill: 4-5 tph Floating Fish Feed Plant

5. Egg industries Ltd: Complete automated Layer farm with 400,000 layers

6. Feed ONE Ltd.- Turnkey Feedmill Plant, capacity 4-5 tph Floating Fish Feed and 12-105 tph sinking fish feed based on 3.0-4.5 mm.