Ekhlasul Haque 
Managing Director 

Engineering Department will ensure your plant does not cease to perform. 
a) New Project 
   i) Engr. Kazi Nazrul Islam 
       Head of Operation, New Projects 
   ii) Engr. Md. Baharul Islam 
       Sr. Engineer, New Projects 
b) Service & Support 
    i) Sr. Engr. Sottanath Sarkar 
    ii) Engr. Saurov Kumer Das 
    iii) Engr. Md. Shahin Hossain

Business Development Department will connect your need with the best solution available 
    i) A H Masud Chowdhuary 
    ii) S M Kamrul Hasan Farid
Business Development Manager 

Contact for Biogas project to ensure clean energy towards a green city healthy city. 
Shahed Israel Khan 

Amjad Ali Rassel 
Executive Logistic Support 

Financial Management Department to ensure your money is invested wisely and safely. 
Rifat Sharmin
Senior Executive-Finance & Accounts