Parfect Agro Complex Ltd.

We are working with Chicks & Feeds for last five years. Successfully they have managed and handed over my feed mill project with their quality, machinery & support system. I am now successfully operating my feed mill.

Mr. Ali Haider
Managing Director

Agro Multi Process Ltd.

When we sign the contact with Chicks & Feeds for our first feedmill plant-Kulsum Feed, we were not sure about the machine quality, performance etc. After pay them advance and subsequently opening LC to receipt of the goods, myself almost having no sleep and thinking about what will happen, how it will run, whether I can pay back to bank properly or not. It was a 3ton feedmill based on 2.5mm dia. We are running the plant since last 4 years and average production is over 4ton based on 2.5mm dia. It is really surprising! Instead of 70-80% production we are getting over 125% performances. Finally we pay off our bank before timeline. We must say thanks to Chicks & Feeds Ltd. and FCM for their cordial support and cooperation.

Mr. Zahidul Islam Faruq
Managing Director

Golden Poultry & Fish Feeds Ltd.

I am involved in feed business from 2014. I do not have a feedmill, I make feed from other feedmill on rental basis. There are too many problems if I do not have a feedmill my own. Quality, commitment etc. is very difficult to control. Then I decided to setup a feedmill and was searching the best source of feedmill. Good quality machine with limited budget was my target. I visit many feedmill supplied by Muyang, Awila, SPK, ChiaTung, FCM, etc. Normally we know any machine cannot perform more than 80% - 85%. This is true I found all of the machine production about 70% - 80%. I have visited RRP feedmill in Iswardi and Bangla Feedmill in Rajshahi and surprised to see the performance is over 125% - 130%. This is almost impossible but I have seen this and decided to buy FCM.
Last month I visit FCM and very happy to see my goods are ready for shipment. I hope, I will get 135% production, Inshallah.

S.M Asadujjaman Liton
Managing Director