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Meyn Poultry Plant in Bangladesh
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Valued Customers
Afil Agro Ltd. Floating Fish Feed supplied by FCM
Bay Agro Industries Ltd. Hatchery & HVAC system by NATUREFORM
CSD, Bangladesh Army, Poultry Shed and Poultry Processing Plant, Capacity 1000 bph. 3 Plants supplied by MEYN, Netherlands
Foster Farms Ltd. Mash Feed Plant supplied by FCM
Gram Bangla Fish Feed Ltd., Sinking Fish Feed Plant by FCM
Index Agro Industries Ltd., Poultry & Fish Feed, 2 lines by FCM
Jayson Breeders Ltd., Poultry Equipment
Kazi Farms Ltd., SASSO Parent Stock. Better meat quality similer to Local Chicken
Keari Poultry Hatchery & Process Ltd., Poultry Equipment, Hatchery by Natureform. Mash Feed Plant by Chicks & Feeds
National Feed Mill Ltd., Poultry & Fish Feed Plant, 2 Plants by FCM
Nourish Poultry & Hatchery Ltd., Feedmill, 2 lines, 20 tph, hatchery, etc. supplied by FCM, NATUREFORM
Provita Feed Ltd., Mash Plants, 3 plants by Chicks & Feeds
Paragon Agro Ltd., Commercial Biogas Plant, 2 plants produce 7.2MW/day by HEEE
Pocha Feed Ltd., Poultry & Fish Feed Plant by FCM
Raj Quality Feeds Ltd., Poultry & Fish Feed Plant by FCM
Rashid Krishi Khamar Ltd., Environment Control house with Equipment
RDRS, Rangpur, Poultry & Fish Feed Plant by FCM
Rashida Aziz Foundation, Poultry & Fish Feed Plant by FCM
Satkhira Feed Industries Ltd., Poultry & Fish Feed Plant by FCM
Surjavita Agro Complex Ltd., Poultry & Fish Feed Plant by FCM
Supreme Agro Feed Ltd., Poultry & Fish Feed Plant by FCM
Prime Agro Industries, Poultry & Fish Feed Plant by FCM
CSD Cattle Abbatoir, Bangladesh Army, 50 cattle per shift by EME
Krishibid Group, 2 x 3000 MT Grain Silo plant from AGI, Canada
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